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Creator & designer


danielle RAE brown


How RAE was created....

RAE boutique has been over ten years in the making. Creator Danielle Rae Brown is currently a principal dancer with the Sarasota Ballet and has been cultivating her brand throughout her dancing career.  Danielle started sewing out of necessity. As every dancer knows there is a constant need for new clothing and dancewear but not always enough cash flow for a new wardrobe. So she started to design and sew her own outfits and found you can still be chic on a budget. She also found friends and fellow dancers loved what she was creating too. So it began, slowing making things for co-workers and friends grew into more and more dancers wanting in on what she was doing. RAE boutique was officially launched in June 2017. Danielle hopes you find RAE boutique a one-stop shop for chic unique dancewear;  a place that you love as much as she does.